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LNbits LNURL-withdraw link

Use a LNURL compatible bitcoin wallet to claim the sats.

WARNING: LNURL must be used over https or TOR
LNURL is a range of lightning-network standards that allow us to use lightning-network differently. An LNURL withdraw is the permission for someone to pull a certain amount of funds from a lightning wallet. In this extension time is also added - an amount can be withdraw over a period of time. A typical use case for an LNURL withdraw is a faucet, although it is a very powerful technology, with much further reaching implications. For example, an LNURL withdraw could be minted to pay for a subscription service.

Exploring LNURL and finding use cases, is really helping inform lightning protocol development, rather than the protocol dictating how lightning-network should be engaged with.

Check Awesome LNURL for further information.
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